This site is under construction, as is the barn. Check back often for more progress!

This is the barn that was torn down and the lumber salvaged to restore the barn on the farm.

This is the barn before any work is done,except forthe small 2nd floor windows.

Now with upper windows and loft door fixed.

The barn as it stands as of 9/7/06.

South side of barn with new door and refurbished siding.

This shows some of the rot.

Here is the fixed corner. Rotted wood replaced with salvaged lumber.

The west side with old shingles over cedar shakes.

Repair to the south east corner.

Cool shot from the front.


Diligently working. The new cupola (in it's unrestored state) is in the foreground.

This is the original cupola. These were used for ventilation.

Not only the owner and forman, but the wait staff as well.

One of the original shakes, total coincidence that both pieces were found.

A window into another world

That's all for now. You can't wait to see it finished right?